7 Strategic Principles For Making An Extraordinary Impact


1 | Culture Branding

Culture Branding tells the story of how your “Core Why” matches your customer’s “Core Need.” More

2 | Story-Driven Content

Human beings rely on stories to discover their values, shape their perspective and evaluate their world. A great story is the catalyst of every great organization. More

3 | 360o Messaging

Effective marketing requires a multi-device, multi-message approach to gaining and sustaining customer attention. More

4 | Systems Thinking

Companies with great strategies win short-term battles. Companies with great systems dominate markets. More

5 | Service Product Mindset

Products can be enhanced with services. Services can open new product opportunities. Nimble businesses fully optimize their revenue opportunities. More

6 | Inch Innovaton

Hoping for leap-frog innovation is naive and a gamble. You have a great product - make it better - faster. Inch Innovation orients the organization toward optimizing what it does best. More

7 | Feedback Loops

Stop guessing. Start listening. Your customers are telling you exactly what they want to buy and are willing to pay. You job is to create an organization that listens and acts. More