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Culture Branding tells the story of how your “Core Why” matches your customer’s “Core Need..

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Do You Have a Culture Problem?

Culture is one of those things that’s hard to pinpoint as an organization. And yet, we all know when things are “off.” The work environment is toxic, productivity slows to a trickle, employees are unhappy and turnover is a problem.

Although culture might not seem critical to an organization’s success, in actuality, it can make a dramatic impact on the success of the organization. After all, a weak culture can suck up valuable resources, negatively impact customer satisfaction and ultimately, hurt your bottom line. That’s why it pays to get culture right.

Create a brand worth rallying behind

Consumers are more likely to support brands that align with their values. That’s why the best brands in the world have a compelling vision and clearly articulated beliefs. Essentially, they’ve created a rallying point for people to follow - both internally and externally.

We call this creating a Culture Brand. It starts by creating a compelling Core Why that matches your customer’s Core Need. When done right, you create a brand that people are excited to support.

We believe culture and branding are inextricably linked. Culture is how you live out the values of your organization. Branding is the representation of your culture externally. Culture branding is about getting these two components right to create a brand that people believe in - both internally and externally.

The best organizations in the world create a brand that both employees and customers want to follow. We call this creating a Culture Brand.

And we, as consumers, are more likely to support brands that align with our values and beliefs. We call this creating a Culture Brand.

Through our Culture Branding process, we’ll help you create alignment in these three key areas:

  • Your Vision
  • Your Environment
  • Your Team

Once you do that, you’ll lay the foundation for building a brand people can’t wait to follow!

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